Run by members of the community and open to everyone, our workshops aim to inspire and to teach practical technology skills.

If you are in Cambridge then you can come along to any of our workshops. They're always free. If you aren't in Cambridge or can't make it to a workshop live then you'll find the workshop material available here on our website and on GitHub.

We make recordings of workshops available whenever we can

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Behind the Scenes

Hackers at Cambridge workshops are developed by the community. Behind every workshop is a team of people who have committed their time to making it the best it can be.


The presenter leads the production of the content for the workshop and is the person in the spotlight on the day of the workshop.


The editor is the primary source of feedback on the workshop content. They work closely with the presenter to make sure the workshop is polished, clear, and appropriate for the target audience


The organiser is the person that coordinates with departments, venues, graphics designers and web developers to make sure that the audience knows about the workshop and that we have a place to run it.


Demonstrators are people who develop an understanding of the content before the workshop and come along to offer in-person help to the attendees. The presence of demonstrators at workshops is something that really sets this format apart from lectures or textbooks.

Focus Group

Focus Groups are small groups that volunteer to provide early feedback on the workshop. The focus group don't necessarily have prior knowledge of the topic. This really puts the presenter's explanations to the test and helps to make the content clearer for the target audience.

Get Involved

Getting involved in workshopping is a great motivation to learn new topics and a rewarding way to improve your teaching, writing and public speaking skills.

We love talking to new people about this so if you're interested in getting involved or would like to learn more, don't hesitate to get in touch

or email us at team@hackersatcambridge.com