Ever been curious about all the hype around the Emacs text editor? Want to learn how to use it to boost your general productivity?

Emacs is referred to as "the extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor." It has been in active development since 1972. Its extremely long development history has made it far and away the most powerful editor currently available and unbelievably customizable.

The only real downside of Emacs is the perception of a steep learning curve to be able to use all of its amazing features. In this workshop we will cover how Emacs works from the inside out and give you everything you need to get going. From there, you will have a powerful and efficient editor you can mold to fit your own style to use for programming, writing, email, as a diary, or for creating a Hackers at Cambridge workshop 😉


There are no prerequisites for this workshop

Set up instructions

Make sure Emacs is installed, preferably version 24 or later. Clone or download this repository which contains some example files to mess with in the examples folder.

Contributors: Max Vigdorchik, Dimitrije Erdeljan
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License: MIT

A transcript of the slides for this workshop can be found at:

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